When I was born my mother said to her,
“She’s your baby sister, you have to take
care of her”.
And that’s what she has done her whole life -
and mine....
How can a few words describe her
place in my life?
She is my strength..
There cannot be a more thoughtful
and selfless person.
I am very small compared to her great
human qualities.
Amrita is my friend, my work partner, my
champion and my guardian.
It amazes me how she quietly and efficiently
manages our home, our business and every
aspect of our lives.
I marvel how she keeps things together..
when I fall apart..
Her knowledge is vast and
varied and I have greatly
benefitted from it.
She assumes so many of my burdens..
And if I appear tall - it’s because she
lifts me high on her shoulders.
We are just the two of us. No parents.
No children. No other siblings.
But God says to me: ‘Don’t worry Simi,
I have given you the most loving and
supportive family - all in one person.