My mother, Darshi, sophisticated,
elegant and utterly feminine.
People who met her even once
never forgot her warmth, her grace.
With my hand on my heart I can
say that I never heard her raise her
voice, or speak a harsh word.
Above all, it was her unconditional
love and support that gave us
She had immense charm.
Our friends who knew her tease us:
‘Why couldn’t you girls be more
like her?!’
We try...but its a high benchmark.
She died at the age of 64.
Mummy with Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru. 1951
36 years later I would make a 3 part
documentary on his grandson: “India’s Rajiv’
Mummy with her friend Maharani
Gayatri Devi and Gen. Cariappa.
Decades later she came on my show
‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’
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