In London, I was exposed to television from a very
         young age. When the gauntlet was thrown at me
       (by Mr. A.G. Krishnamurthy - Mudra) to produce, host
      and direct my own television show, I took up the
     exciting challenge - and discovered the magic of
     TV technology! I got hooked!
         And the fascination continues even today..
       Just remember this was the early 80s.
   There was only Doordarshan then and basic cradle
         When you are a pioneer you have to be ready for a
    lot of opposition.
   People take time to adjust to something new.
  I learned this from my very first television show.
                              'It's a Woman's World was a glossy, magazine style format,
                          with new techniques and topics never done before in India.
                      We had fitness workouts, fashion, grooming, Agony Aunt, interviews,
                    astrology and debates. Audiences had not been exposed to foreign
                 television then - and the reactions were extreme.
               The press lashed out. 'Its too glamorous'...'How can she put Astrology on the show??'..
    'How can she bring out such a private topic as infidelity?' There morchas outside Doordarshan!
   It's amusing for me to see that today full television shows are created on all our small segments!
  I guess it was just way ahead of its time...