The Rendezvous Story
     I spent many years behind the camera with my docus & TV
commercials. When satellite television came to India, I thought
it was the right time to do a chat show!
   I was clear about the aesthetics, the ambience and the style. The
set would be all white - with flowers as the only colours.
   I wanted it different, in style and content, to all the other interviews
that were on air.
     So in 1997 I began "Rendezvous with Simi Garewal'. I believe it
changed the style of chat shows that followed. I insisted on doing
the show in 'seasons' and I remember people didn't understand
why! Now, of course, its the norm! With a 5-camera set-up, slick
editing and a stylish set, I wanted to give viewers a real insight
into the icons that captured their imagination. And when the
show reached No 1 in the TRPs - I was thrilled!!
   Rendezvous continued for ten years...
   My acting experience was of no use here! But certainly, my years
as a director and technician were vital assets. I've studied lighting
and editing. I bought my own FCP and personally edited my shows.
I also make my own graphics.
   Rendezvous' is very special to me.. its an extension of who I am.
I've always had a fascination to know what people are about;
how they deal with their lives..failures...successes..loves..

   Through 146 episodes - I met amazing people, ranging from
political leaders, industrialists, sportsmen, film stars, musicians et al.
Each came with different histories and aspirations. Today I feel I
have a greater understanding about human beings than I ever did.

   So with 'Rendezvous' I have also grown..and changed..
There may be other documentaries to record the achievements
and milestones of my celebrated guests; but Rendezvous has
captured their personal side.

   Future generations will watch these shows and they will get to
'know' the most talented, the most powerful and the most beautiful
men and women of this decade in our history.

   They will know them as persons. Their relationships. They will see
how they laughed. And cried. And lived. And loved...
   These Rendezvous' will live to tell the human story....