I have to confess I was wrong about Karz. For the longest time I
refused to do the role. Subhash Ghai was so patient. For over a year he
kept coming back to try and convince me, but my mindset couldn't
adjust to doing such a negative role.
   Finally, he told me 'if you don't do it I will shelve the film. All my work
of the last 18 months will go to waste'.
   Something about his sincerity touched me that day and against
my family's wishes - I succumbed.
   Subhash Ghai is a brilliant filmmaker with a great sense of music.
His song picturizations are outstanding. I think Ek Hasina Thi is a
masterpiece of music, imagination and craft. (link) He was so
passionate about the subject and we all got infected!
           I enjoyed working with Rishi Kapoor again after Joker
    - now a huge star and superb actor.
   Tina Munim was a sweetheart. I liked her
a lot. She was stylish and had a special
charm; we became friends during the movie.
     I will also admit, during some negative scenes I had qualms.
Poor Subhash-ji - I must have tried his patience when I kept
saying, 'why should Kamini be soooo horrible? Can't you tone
it down?'
   I especially remember the breakdown scene when the old
Kamini is exposed.
   I had built myself up for two days. I knew I had to give it my all.   'Let me do it in one take,' I requested.
  'That's good, I want that too', Subhash-ji agreed.
  There was pindrop silence on the set. He rolled the camera but I
was aware of nothing else around me as I began, 'Kaun ho tum?..
tum kaun ho ?' and just slipped into another level of madness till,
'Yes I killed him! I killed him!'
  I broke down completely. Everyone applauded, but I could hardly
hear them. Then Subhash-ji came and hugged me as I continued to sob...
   The film hit the theatres. I remember, everywhere I
went people played or hummed the guitar theme -
or they'd sing 'Ek hasina thi..' I couldn't believe the
response! It was fantastic!

  I sent Subhash a big bouquet of flowers and a note,
  'You were right Subhash-ji! Thank you from my
heart. Kamini lives...'