Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister of India on December 31st, 1984.
But even today, the man who held sway over some 800 million people
remained an enigma to the world.
His private life remained private. And even his public life with its
achievements, tribulations and controversies was unfamiliar to those
outside India.
"India's Rajiv" was the first documentary on Rajiv Gandhi based on a
series of exclusive and strikingly candid interviews, given to the film's
director - Simi Garewal.
In a three-part series, "India's Rajiv" covers the entire span of his life;
from his birth to his tragic assassination...
This is primarily a personalised biography of Rajiv - the
family man.
A family man who is also a Prime Minister.
The film opens with the assassination of Indira Gandhi and
the events that led to Rajiv becoming the Prime MInister of
the worlds largest democracy. - before flashing back to the
real beginning - the marriage of Indira and Feroze Gandhi.
We journey into Rajiv’s mind and emotions, from his child-
hood, to his formative years. From his first meeting with the
Italian-born Sonia Maino, to their marriage three years later.
Rajiv talks about his parents,..his job as an airline pilot..and
his children..
For the first time he reveals his personal thoughts & emo
tions; the relationships he has cherished..the joys ..and the
The viewer discovers hitherto unknown facets of Rajiv’s per
sonal evolution. Excerpts from rare films and photographs,
illustrate the biographical graph.
“India’s Rajiv” Part One is an intimate portrait of the man
who is a father, a son, a husband and also a Prime Minister.
A reticent man, this airplane pilot - he rose to public
prominence with reluctance.
He soon became his mother’s trusted adviser. And then, too
suddenly, her successor.
Thereafter, his tenure saw both triumph and controversy.
At different times, he was persuaded to lead - and pressurised
to resign.
His government was lavished with praise - and battered by
For a turbulent five years, crises and successes alike,
hurtled by at a dizzying pace.
 This film gives the viewer a perspective of Rajiv Gandhi’s
government in the five years he held office.
A panel of India’s leading political observers, including
newspaper editors and opposition leaders, analyse his term
in office. As does Rajiv Gandhi himself. Shot in China, Pakistan,
France & U.K. in the cock-pit of his plane, his car - and in
many locations in colourful India, the film is also rich in archival
 For the first time, in an informative review, Rajiv talks about
the burdens and challenges of governing the world’s largest
democracy - a job he was once reluctant to pursue.
Part Three is the concluding episode in the series and life of
"India's Rajiv".
This reticent older son of Indira Gandhi had been propelled, it
seemed, by destiny and dynasty, to become the Prime Minister
of India. Five years later, having lost the elections in 1989, he
took on the mantle of Leader of the Opposition.
During this intense period of introspection Rajiv Gandhi ex-
presses frankly his analysis of where he went wrong, the mis-
takes that were made, the lessons that he learned and his plans
for the future that lay ahead.
He was 46 years old. Time was on Rajiv's side, they said. And so
it seemed....
Part Three covers this important period when amazing and
sometimes bizarre political events unfolded. Events that played
like a political thriller and rocked the two governments that
came to power.
Fate, it seemed, beckoned Rajiv for the second time. And a
new, wiser Rajiv responded.
He was on the come-back trail...
This is the story of Rajiv Gandhi's fight back to power...
This is the story of a man who rated "Z" - the highest on the
This is the story of the last eighteen months of Rajiv's life..
ending in his tragic assassination.