Simi Selects
By now there were many Rendezvous clones!
It was time to create something new again.
Something original.

I wanted to showcase the Most Desirable Men and
Women of India. Only singles. They had to be
famous, beautiful, talented achievers; with sex
appeal and an enviable life-style. In fact, the whole
package! Charm, glamour and success - so India
could get to know their 'objects of desire'

SSIMD is also an extension of the personalities that
co-exist in me. The curious interviewer. And the
games addict. So, beyond the intimate Q&As, there
was fun-filled entertainment, as each iconic guest
was showcased in front of a live college audience.

I created the format targeting young audiences, but,
there's something in it for everyone. Family bonds...
raw emotions..their struggles..hidden talents...Tarot..
fun games... and of course the 'penalties' which
translated into fabulous performances!

I love the audience interaction with my guests!
I love this new generation! All gorgeous, intelligent,
and fun...
Yes – they are definitely 'India's Most Desirable'!
And you can watch them all right here!