My Family
  My father Brig. J.S. Garewal,   My mother, Darshi, sophisticated,
  3rd Cavalry, ace polo player,   elegant and utterly feminine. With
  epicure, bon vivant. He spoke   my hand on my heart I can say I never
  several languages fluently and   heard her speak a harsh word.
  had an impressive intellect.   Above all, it was her unconditional love
  Convivial with friends, but   and support that gave us our strength.
  somewhat formidable and a   She had immense charm. Our friends
  little out of reach with his two   who knew her tease us: ‘Why couldn’t
  you girls be more like her?!’
  He died young at the age of 52.   We try..but its a high benchmark..
      She died at the age of 64.
Her hand on my shoulder... always there
Amrita, my sister; when I was born
my mother said to her, ‘She’s your
baby sister, you have to take care of
And thats what she has done her whole
life - and mine...
She is my friend, my work partner, my
champion and my guardian. She gives
me her shoulder, both to lean on...
and stand on.
We are just the two of us. No parents.
No children. No other siblings.
But God says to me: ‘Dont worry. I
have given you the most loving and
supportive family - all in one person.